Media Marketing Outreach Support Subcommittee

Meeting: 8:30 am – 10 am
2nd Thursday of each Month
(Coffee & Snacks provided)
CPC/PPEP Offices
1200 East Ajo Road, Tucson

Purpose of Committee

Provides assistance in marketing, advertising and publicity to other subcommittees within the Pima County CPC coalition. Our subcommittee is available to assist in the development and dissemination of coordinated messages from the other CPC Subcommittees for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse.  We provide assistance with the development of marketing materials and social media messages to promote visibility throughout Pima County.

Committee Members

Benny Broughton, Chair
Kate Meyer, CPC Prevention Coordinator
Kara Crosby Secretary
Ed Dunin-Wasowicz, CPC Advisor
Alfonso Valenzuela
Avai d’ Amico
Adam Peebles

Recent Accomplishments

MMOSS has created several PSA’s that have been airing on radio with the Cumulus radio group and on Television on KVOA.   We also have created youth inspired outdoor messages on the bus benches as well as assisting PEAPS with a flyer/trifold.                                            

Current Projects

Social Media Updates, You Tube Updates, Parents Commission Grant Information, Webpage ideas, Advertising Phrases, Hashtags and updates.