Meeting: 9-10:30 am
1st Wednesday of every month

at MADD Office 2020 N. Forbes #102

Purpose of Committee

To inform parents and caregivers of the dangers of substance abuse and educate our community on effective prevention strategy trends in Pima County.

Committee Members

· Berry, Christine
· Calza, Dominique
· Davis, Monica
· Hertzog, Helena
· Mason-Biggers, Beverly
· Meyer, Kate
· Morales, Thelma
· Newman, Alexis
· Ornelas, Maria
· Ornelas, Oyuki
· Stumfoll, Heather
· Towne, Susan – Chair
· Villarreal, Sonia
· Zamorano, Anaiz

Recent Accomplishments

· We completed a Train the Trainer for 30 TUSD Family & Cultural Centers Staff this year and 50 community members last year in regard to MADD’s Power of Parents, Marijuana 360 and RX 360.
· These three programs are facilitated every 3rd Saturday of the month to approximately 10 parents at the Jacobs YMCA.
· Created a Parent Help Card

Current Projects

· Offering additional information and resources to the parents in regard to naloxone and HIV testing
· Recruiting Parent Ambassadors
· Continuing collaboration with MADD, AZYP and SIROW