Underage Drinking Prevention Collaborative

Meeting: 10 am – 11:30 am
3rd Tuesday of each Month
1200 East Ajo Road, Tucson
CPC/PPEP Offices

Purpose of Committee

The purpose of the UDPC is to partner with law enforcement, schools, community organizations in order to prevent underage drinking through policy change, community education and other awareness strategies.

Committee Members

Lieutenant Bob Garza-Tucson Police Department
Amy Bass- CPC/PPEP, Inc
Tony Bruno- DFC/PPEP, Inc
Christi Castillo- University of Arizona
Ed Dunin-Wasowicz- D-W/McGarrity Inc
Gabriella Garayzar- Child & Family Resources, Inc
Ariana Garcia- City High School AmeriCorps
Jamal Givens- Child & Family Resources, Inc
Peggy Glider- University of Arizona
Melissa Gomez- Amistades, Inc
Karen McGarrity- D-W/McGarrity, Inc
Kate Meyer- CPC/PPEP, Inc
Margie Mortimer- TFRUD
Officer Trey Brown- Oro Valley Police Department

Recent Accomplishments

Creation of a Red Tag magnet/sticker with information about what a Red Tag is (what the Tucson Police Department issues for Unruly Gatherings) for dissemination at liquor stores and student housing complexes. The Collaborative was also instrumental in updating the social host ordinance within Tucson City Code (16-32e).

Current Projects

We are currently identifying additional locations for dissemination of the newly created Red Tag magnet/sticker. The Tucson Police Department is also working on the creation of a PowerPoint Presentation that could potentially be presented in many area schools about the dangers of underage drinking. The Collaborative will also continue to expand law enforcement involvement to other agencies.